Above the Arctic Circle in Northern Sweden is Korpilombolo which can be translated as
a wild village by a small pond’, the desolate lake with a river flowing through it or a burning forest narrowing the lake where it calms down.

Gaspar De la Noche, the literary figure of the Colombian poet with Swedish roots León de Greiff, seeks a gentle, mist-shrouded land to soothe his troubled soul. He goes on his 'Rimbauldian odyssey’ flying from Colombia to Korpilombolo in search of a place where he can lead a life of complete peace, away from civilization. He lives there happily and freely smoking a chocolate-flavoured water pipe.

A cup of coffee while looking through the window. The wind blows, the trees whistle, and the leaves fly, scattering wildly.
A lazy Saturday. I could have slept in this morning. I live safely here. On a grey summer day.
Even though it's raining, the birds are singing.
A tree scratches loudly.
Soon everything will be in bloom.