movie “Songs about love” 
film director: Tomasz Habowski
cinematography: Weronika Bilska 
production: Kinhouse studio


music video produced by Twin Pics Studio
for Ralph Kaminski  “2009”

videoclip “Macica to moja republika” 
Idea, realization, production and artists:
Teraz Poliż, Panilas, Bliadski Circus Queebaret, Micuła 

The song was created to give support to all women in Poland where abortion is still illegal in most cases. 

Cooperation of Polish and Ukrainian female artists.


social campaign for 
production: Twin Pics Studio

music video produced by Twin Pics Studio
for Martin Lange band “Kłamiesz” 

anti-smog campaign in a form of music video
client: OLX Polska
production: F25 production house

client: RTV EURO AGD 
production: F25 production house

teaser movie set for female theatre group TERAZ POLIŻ 
celebrating 100 years of women’s electoral rights 
production: Twin Pics Studio

movie set of Piołun (Wormwood)
directed by Maria Ornaf with cinematography of Zuzanna Zachara-Hassairi
production: Łódź Film School